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Perps Aggregator with
Cross-Chain Routing

Get access to perps on over 100+ trading
pairs at the lowest cost.

Available Liquidity

Partnered with the best

LogX has partnered with leading perpetuals protocols and chains.

100+ Trading Pairs

No need to search for your favorite pairsacross various DEXes and chains. Tradeeverything from a single screen.

Smart order splitting

LogX intelligently splits large orders androutes them to multiple DEX venues.

Lowest Trading Costs

LogX intelligently routes your orders to the most cost-effective liquidity source, considering costs like trading fees and funding fees.

What Sets Us Apart?

Cross-chain Routing

LogX's cross-chain routing innovation ensures that you can enjoy deep liquidity, regardless of which chain your funds are on.

Gasless Trading

With LogX, you are freed from the hassle of managing gas fees. Say goodbye to multiple pop-ups and trades getting stuck due to insufficient gas fees.

Powered by TradingView

LogX uses charts that are powered By TradingView. A comprehensive trading and investment platform, offering an exceptional charting solution. It empowers traders and investors with cutting-edge analytical tools, including crypto market cap charts and real-time market data. With its assistance, users can conveniently track the price of BTC/USD price and stay informed about other relevant market trends.

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Perps Aggregator with Cross-Chain Routing.

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